family cooking in kitchenWhen I was growing up, the kitchen was the center of our home. This is where my family would gather to just to hang out or make phenomenal meals. We played games at our kitchen table, did our homework there, and much more. As you can imagine, coming from a family of six kids, the kitchen was always busy and meals were the highlight of our day. My mom knew how to make just about anything out of what we had in the pantry. She was clever in the kitchen. I was always her helper in the kitchen and took an interest in cooking early on.

The Clever Chef was created as a way to help those who share my interest in cooking and food in general. Our culture is so fast paced that we sometimes forget how important it is to make the time to make meals and share them as a family. This blog is a dedication to those want to take some time and make meal-sharing an important aspect of their every day lives. You will find recipes that are more in depth. These are the recipes that can be made when you have more time on your hands and want to try something new. This blog also has recipes for those who have little time on their hands but do not want to eat out of a box. Bon appetit!