Best Ever Chicken Salad

In this house, we like chicken salad. Did I say like? Nay, we adore our chicken salad. It’s right up there with Awesome Fish Tacos and Roast Chicken in the major rotation of standard meals. In fact, the aforementioned roasted chicken regularly makes its second (and third) appearance at the dining room table as this mixture. We put it atop mixed greens, between slices of bread, on crackers, and stuffed into fresh pita. It just goes with everything.

chicken salad

If you don’t have roast chicken leftovers, you can use chicken breast (best brined and steamed), but you may need to add more mayo because of the dryness that ensues.

Best Ever Chicken Salad

Good for 4-6 sandwiches

3C shredded then chopped chicken
1/2C mayonnaise*
2 ts lemon juice*
2Tb curry powder
2 ts garam masala
1/4C chopped hazelnuts
3 garlic cloves, minced
1/4C red onion chopped small
1 ts celery salt
1/2 C plump raisins
3Tb Dijon mustard

Mix all together, cover, and let sit for at least 2 hours, but it’s best left overnight.

* I use either Kewpie mayonnaise or homemade mayo in chicken salad, because both taste better than “normal” mayonnaise, with a more eggy, lemony flavor. If you use either one of these, go light on the lemon juice. We don’t want the salad to be lemony, we just want the acid to cut through a little bit of the sweetness of the rest of the ingredients.

This is also fantastic with other misc. veggies and nuts thrown in. I’ve done it with toasted almonds and green onions for a bit more spice, or with less curry powder and the addition of pine nuts, feta, and olives. This is especially fantastic in homemade pitas (so incredibly easy and tasty). Shown in the photo, it is served on homemade whole-wheat olive oil bread with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella with cracked black pepper.