Mahi-Mahi with Shallot-Ginger Compote

Dinner tonight

Well, that was an epic fail. See how I set myself up to do something I’m not sure I can do and see where it gets me. So let’s start over again. I made a really tasty fish dish tonight (alliteration!) that I took no photos of, but I can sure write it down. For the porn part of the food blog, take a look at these photos, and maybe I’ll grace the site with recipes for them soon as well.

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Ah, and onto fish:

Mahi-Mahi with Shallot-Ginger compote

Feeds 2 “normally” hungry Americans

2 Shallots, minced (approx 3Tbs)
1″ Ginger, minced (approx 2Tbs)
2 cloves Young Garlic (approx 2Tbs, or 1Tbs normal garlic)
1 Tbs butter
2 Tbs Mango-Pepper Chutney
6-8oz Mahi-Mahi
Prep your broiler (mine takes something like 30 minutes to get up to temperature) and set the top rack to the low-middle spot. Place the first 4 ingredients into a small saucier and sauté until the garlic is a light brown. Add the chutney (I use a local brand – likely any jelly/chutney that’s slightly sweet and spicy would be good) and stir until everything’s coated and turn off the heat.

Prep a pan for the Mahi-Mahi, dust the fish with salt and pepper, and coat with half of the compotey-mixture. Place under the broiler for approximately 11 minutes or until done, depending on thickness of the fish. Plate with the rest of the compote under the fish.

I served this with some steamed white rice and lovely heated pickled beets with crumbled bleu cheese atop. Fan-diddly-tastic. Maybe I’ll take photos next time instead of just wolfing it down.